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Know About Mahoba, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Mahoba with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking in Mahoba

Know About Mahoba

Know About Mahoba City, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Mahoba with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking


Know about Mahoba City:

The name Mahoba is derived from ‘Mahotsav Nagar’, the city of great festivals , which were celebrated here by Chandra-Verman or Nannuka, The traditional founder of the Chandella Dynasty. The Bardic tradition preserves three other names of the City viz Kekaipur, Patanpur and Ratanpur. Thest names are said to have been current in the Treta and Dwapar Yugas. The existence of the sacred ‘Ram-Kund’ and ‘Seeta-Rasoi’ cave at the Gokhar hill here are said to be monumental to the visit of God RAMA who widely treated this hilly region while in 14-year exile at Chitrakoot. Among the later Chandella rulers whose names are particularly associated with the local monuments are Vijai-pal (1035-1045 AD) who built the Vijai-sagar lake, Keerti-Verman (1060-1100 AD) built Keerat sagar tank and Madan-Verman (1128-1164 AD) who built Madan Sagar. The last prominent Chandella ruler was Parmardi-deva or Parmal whose name is still popular due to the heroic deeds of his two Generals ‘Alha’ and ‘Udala’ who own many battles. The court poet Jagnik Rao has made their names immortal through his popular ballad (Veer-Kavya) ‘Alha-Khand’. It is recited through-out the Hindi speaking masses in the country. In 1860 AD an English Officer of the East India Company, Mr. William Waterfield was so impressed with the ballad that he translated it into English under the title name of ‘Lay of Alha’ which was published by the Oxford University Press of England. Another prominent scripture which has an account of Mahoba’s grandeur is the Jain text ‘Prabhandh-kosh’ which refers to its magnificence which could only be realised and not described.


Places to visit in Mahoba By Hire cab with MrCabby:


  • Jain Tirthankar

    Jain Tirthankars .A Worship place of Jain sects. Located on a mountain behind Bari Chandika temple at Mahoba .


  • Devi Bari Chandika Ji Temple

    Chandika Devi is also known as Chandi Devi. It is quite revered as the goddess of women power. It is believed that the goddess destroys demons and delivers the people of religious and religious beliefs. There are two such temples in this area, which are dedicated to Chandika Devi. One is called the Choti Chandika Devi temple and the other is called the Bari Chandika Devi temple.


  • Shiv Tandav Temple of Mahoba

    Shiv Tandav Temple Mahoba.A rare statue of block granite stone in the dancing pose of Lord Shiva.Located near Collectorate Mahoba.


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